Choose a stroller adapted to the morphology of your child

To guarantee the optimal safety of your child, it is necessary to choose a stroller adapted to the morphology of your child baby journey blog. Age can be an indicator, but each child will grow at their own pace, so make sure your baby is properly seated in the stroller before investing in a certain model.

Choose a stroller that folds and unfolds easily

A stroller that is difficult to fold and unfold, stuck fingers and nervousness guaranteed! We strongly advise you to opt for an easily foldable and unfolding baby stroller. Make your life easier!

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Avoid second-hand strollers

Despite their attractive prices, second-hand strollers do not guarantee the safety of your child. If possible, avoid bringing a stroller purchased second-hand, it may have experienced trauma, not visible to the naked eye, and yet dangerous for your baby.

A parasol to protect it from the sun

Your stroller must be equipped with a system for placing an umbrella. In the event of the sun, it is imperative to protect your baby’s fragile skin against the sun’s rays!

A rain cover

Let’s avoid that baby catches cold in the event of rain, choose a stroller equipped with a cover against the rain.

A Chancellor

During the winter, if you take baby for a walk outside, make sure he is properly covered to avoid cold snaps. A footmuff, a sort of sleeping bag adapted to the stroller, covering baby from the feet to the neck, is perfectly suited to this type of situation and will protect baby during the harsh winter days.

Choose your stroller according to your lifestyle

For those who live in the city

If you are urban parents, the ideal is to opt for a 2 in 1 stroller, or 3 in 1 for those who have a car. Be careful, however, to check that the carrycot of your stroller is car approved, because this is not always the case.

For those who live in the countryside, by the sea, or sportsmen who want to run while pushing their baby: The 3-wheel stroller is made for you! Remember to check that the suspensions are of good quality, as well as the wheels and the braking system.

For those who have several young children

Parents of several young children, the multiplace stroller is obvious to you! So you can walk around all your little ones at the same time, in complete safety.

How to Choose a Stroller

For those who have already

Grown babies Your baby is growing so fast! It’s time for you to opt for a pushchair or luxury pushchair, perfect for when baby wants to rest after frolicking by your side.

For those who want a multifunction stroller

You are a fan of multifunction: therefore opt for a 3 in 1 combined stroller, or for the American stroller, which will follow you for several years.

Be careful, however, to check each time you purchase a stroller that it corresponds to the age and / or morphology of your child!

How to choose the right stroller, the most not to be overlooked:

There are two elements that should not be overlooked, and which we do not necessarily think of when investing in a stroller:

Check that the hammock is removable for washing:

Baby will sweat, certainly nibble a few cookies while dropping small crumbs. In short, the hammock of your stroller may get dirty! Remember to check that the cover is removable in order to wash it if necessary.

If you live in the city:

Favor a stroller with a high frame, otherwise your baby will end up living up to the exhaust pipes. Not very pleasant, and bad for his developing lungs!