Best computer games to play!

Though there are number of good graphical computer games available to a gamer but few game developing companies have taken gaming to a new platform system development where they compete and there is a stiff competition among the games.

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Computer Games: A Blessing In Disguise For Children

Being a child one would always be interested in computer games. Children have immense craze for these games as these games are quiet interesting blockchain website designand some of them are full of suspense with loads of excitement. Even a major chunk of younger generation is also involved in playing these games on a regular basis. These games can be downloaded from the internet at available prices. Several Compact drives are also available in the market.

Why limiting computer games is a good idea?

Though there have been certain research and studies related to benefits of computer games but its side effects are more to be considered since they have long term harmful effect on a gamer’s health. Computer games playing in a controllable limit is fine and okay but exceeding the line would be harmful to a person and has severe consequences.

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Below are few hazardous effects:

  1. Headaches- Prolonged playing of computer games is however harmful for the body since constant vision on the screen effects has drain on the eye and it can lead to severe headaches.
  2. Obesity- If a gamer is spending too many hours of a day on his computer then chances are more that he may have  develop obese condition and other health effects. Therefore, even outside activity is restricted, making children more obese. This health risk can intensify with time, as the child doesn’t want to play any physical games.
  3. Muscle Pain- Generally gamers sit for continuous hours playing games due to which they may develop muscle pain, blood clotting and other cramps and pains.

Few of them top grossing games are:

  1. Age of Empires- This game comes in series and has enormous number of people playing it. The game is related to historical wars for kingdoms and has attractive visual graphics.
  2. Amnesia-The dark descent – This game is quite scary, thrilling and has some spine chilling sequences. The game has a horrific storyline accompanied with scaring sounds which is best experienced when played with lights off and headphones on.
  3. Battlefield 3- This game also comes in series and so far all parts have been successful. The game is available in also in multiplayer formats and is a war game where soldiers are seen fighting the battles.

Playing Videogames Has A Positive Impact On Children

It has been found that video games can make kids healthier, happier and more successful at schools. This is due to the fact that playing games keep the minds of children in an active state and make them quick in taking decisions. But as it is said that excess of everything is bad therefore parents should take care that they do not play these games in excess which may create eyesight problems.